Turn Off the TV and Be Productive!


Watching TV is a good past time; it updates you of the events around you and keeps you company when you’re alone at home. However, with more and more competition among the media and TV network, it has become a tool of waste of time. Rather than spending the entire day sitting on the couch and munching on fatty potato chips, here are some more productive ideas you can swap with watching TV.


  1. Cook a Healthy Meal

TV and unhealthy eating go hand-in-hand. When you’re planted on the couch, you’re less likely to get up and cook. Therefore, you rely on instant foods like chips and fast food. By cutting out your time on TV, you’ll have more time and energy on planning and preparing healthy meals. Not only will this practice you to become a better cook, but also serve as a good start to a healthier life.

  1. Go Jogging

Now that you’re on track to better eating habit, boost the health benefits by going for a jog after work instead of spending the remaining hours of the day munching on chips while watching TV. Other than taking a jog, hit the gym or take yoga class straight from the office. In the same amount of time you spend watching an episode of The Walking Dead, you can finish a workout routine that can burn half-a-day’s worth of calories.


  1. Take an Online Course

An extra 30 hours in your weekly schedule is actually more than enough time to you can spend for enriching your personal knowledge. You can sign up for an online course, learn a new skill or potentially earn a new degree. There are so many schooling opportunities you can find online, and your spare time would be much more productive spent his way than watching TV.

  1. De-clutter

Want to get productive and possibly make some money? Dedicate after-work hours or your weekends de-cluttering your home. While this may not sound like the most exciting thing to do after a long daw at the office, but you’ll definitely feel so much better after seeing organized and de-cluttered spaces at home. Plus, you can make money by selling some of the stuff you no longer use but are still in good condition.

Whether you want to watch TV or not, at the end of the day, it’s still all about priorities. If you have everything in your life in place and you simply want to relax when you get home from work, then watch TV. But if you have things to do and you’re struggling to make a progress, you may want to re-evaluate how you spend your time and be more proactive with your time management.


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