Tips for Protecting Your Smartphone from Hackers


In the past, people are looking for gold mines for its rich contents. These days, any electronic device can be considered a gold mine. Smartphones are specifically becoming the prime target for many hackers because it contains rich information that can make or break the world. Singaporeans know better to protect smartphones from hackers.


According to the 2016 Internet Security Threat Report conducted by Symantec, from 2013 to 2015, vulnerabilities of smartphones amplified. In 2013, noted cases were 127 and in 2015, it went up to 528. That is 214% increase. This is alarming. With this, it is important that you learn how to protect your smartphone from hackers. There are some reports saying that just by having your phone number, a hacker can exploit your information.

Keeping the phone safe from cyber criminals is not easy but with the help of few tips shared by security people, you lessen the chances of becoming a victim. According to some experts, there are at least three simple things that you can consider to help protect smartphone from any hacker. Here are the tips for protecting smartphone from hackers:

  • Consider encrypted messaging services: Though it is rare for hackers to listen and read your phone, you should still be cautious. This flaw is beyond your control because it exists in your network. The best solution is to use encrypted messaging services like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and the like.


  • Upgrade Operating System: Updating your operating system is not a useless thing to do. In fact, it can help with the protection and safeguarding of important document and information. The reason why you need to update operating system is to make sure that hackers cannot take advantage of the vulnerabilities. If you have a fairly new device, you still need to make sure that the operating system is updated.
  • Watch out for the applications: Apps are everywhere and readily available since you can just download them – some free, some not. If you want to make sure that nothing untoward will be extracted from your phone, you have to make sure that you pick the right application. Go for apps with reputable sources. Remember that no matter how good that app might be, some are tools to get your movement and they might do malicious things.

These three tips may sound simple to you but trust the experts when they say that it can make a whole lot of difference. Do not wait for your things to be stolen before you take actions.