Surprising Effects of Not Using Shampoo on Your Hair

If you’ve grown accustomed to washing your hair with shampoo almost every other day, you might be convinced abstaining from its usage is almost impossible. At this point you might just ask yourself: how are you to clean your hair without shampoo? Is it even possible? Yes. The good news is, using shampoo is not the only way to cleanse your hair and scalp.

It has been proven how a no-shampoo hair regimen can benefit all hair types and textures. If you are aiming for a chemical-free or organic lifestyle, then this regimen might just be for you. Cleansing the hair without shampoo use also leads to a much healthier hair condition with all its fullness and luster. This article will present some of the other benefits of a no-shampoo hair regimen, making you achieve your best hair condition yet.

1. Less exposure to chemicals
Less exposure to the chemicals present in shampoos is probably the most important benefit you can get from abstaining in their usage. Nowadays, chemicals like phthalates and sulfates became standard components of shampoos. They are great detergents, even present in industrial cleaners, but having that powerful cleaning power on your hair and scalp for a few days per week can bring more harm than good.

2. Reduced frizz
A lot of shampoos sold in the market have high pH levels which is the reason behind why hair cuticles open up. While this effectively cleans your hair strands, this also can lead to having frizzy hair. Cleansing methods without the use of shampoo fights frizz and actively engages in the closing of cuticles, allowing the hair to appear shinier.

3. More moisturized hair
When cuticles in the hair are open, they often lead to dryness since moisture can escape from within your strands. Instead, cleanse your hair without the use of shampoo if you want to ensure your hair cuticles are not left open. The absence of shampoo closes the cuticles as part of the whole cleansing process. Moisture is retained within the strands, keeping your hair safe from potential dryness as a result.

4. Less likely to cause scalp irritation
Our scalp can be pretty sensitive to the chemicals present in shampoos which may lead to itchiness, irritation, or a dried-up scalp. Sulfates are usually the reason behind the triggering of such a reaction, but with the many chemicals a bottle of shampoo contains, the possibilities are difficult to pin down. The more chemicals, the more potential for allergic reactions and scalp irritations.

5. Better color maintenance
The sulfates present in your shampoo strips the color off your colored hair, and it is primarily the culprit behind the rapid hair color fading. If you use alternatives to shampoo such as conditioners, mud washing, or just using water while cleansing your hair, chances are your hair color will remain vibrant as ever for a longer period. The shine and the volume are another plus you get from these methods!