Benefits of Biking to Work


Why should you offer your employees the opportunity to bike to work? Why should you include bike for work scheme in the employee benefits package? You’ve already worked hard building your company a good name so you can attract the best applicants. How about finding ways so you can keep these valuable people in your company for a long period, curb turnover, and earn everyone’s loyalty? Or, how about investing in an employee rewards platform that will help boost productivity in the workplace? You don’t have to choose, really. You can achieve all of this by incorporating bike to work schemes in the salary sacrifice benefits you’re offering employees.

By doing so, you also benefit in the process. As you encourage your employees to bike to work, they also gain an opportunity to exercise regularly. Instead of commuting or driving their car to work, they can cycle and arrive in the office feeling energized. When your employees are healthy, the need to file for sick leave is reduced. Your employees will be able to avoid absences. Not everyone enjoys the commute and driving to work. By offering your employees another option so they can reach the office in a more convenient and faster way, you’re also helping lift their mood. You know how much it helps improve productivity when you’re starting the day in a positive attitude.

Ask your employees today if they are still able to include exercising or going to the gym to their daily routine. Chances are you’d hear some say they do not have time, or that they couldn’t afford another expense that is a gym membership. As long as the weather is good, there’s no reason your employees wouldn’t be able to exercise when there’s a bike for work scheme they can take advantage of. They will no longer have to worry about parking space and fees. They can even park their bike near the office building so they no longer have to walk far. At home, they can use their bikes for their errands. If their kids happen to love cycling, then they now have more opportunities to bond with their little ones.

In case you haven’t heard yet, bike to work schemes is also one of the most popular salary sacrifice product in the Singapore. If you’re worried how you will execute this all when you’ve already a lot on your plate, then you can always look into employee rewards platforms online. This way, you can have a professional team back you up in building a reward programme for your employees. You’re also provided assistance in managing employee data so the process also becomes easy for your Human Resources and Payroll team.
Cycling to work can be seamlessly integrated into the rewards programme without you doing the hard work. Do check out employee rewards systems online today. Explore the services they offer and take time to get in touch with the customer service to learn more about their approach. Do this for your employees. Get them to bike to work and make them happier. In turn, your business will benefit too.

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