5 Powerful Ways to Get in Touch With Yourself


A lot of emphasis is put on developing strong relationships with people around us, but only a few knows that the best way to create good relationships is to start within ourselves.

Building healthy relationship with yourself is not just about thinking how to boost your confidence, but it’s more about knowing and accepting your flaws, knowing your worth and practicing balance in your life.  There’s no one way to learn to be more comfortable of yourself, but it surely takes time and effort to get to that phase.

  1. Accept Your Flaws

Acknowledge that you’re not a perfect person and you will never be one. Accept your flaws and scars and view it as something you should be proud of, instead of something to hide away. Realize that every person has something in them that they’re not proud of, but this makes them unique. Be brave enough to embrace these imperfections—may it be physical, mental or emotional—that the society doesn’t see as perfect.

  1. Keep Trying

Regardless of what’s happening in your life, never stop believing in yourself and never give up. Failure and rejection is part of like and everyone has to go through it. The next time you experience rejection, view it as an opportunity to prove to people that they’re wrong and to do better the next time around. Accept failure and think of it as a new opportunity to improve and do more.

  1. Let Go of Toxic People

If there are people in your life who constantly make you feel bad or seem to bring you down when there’s something good happening to you, let them go—you don’t deserve such negativity. While it’s hard to let go, you’ll see so much change and feel more relieved afterwards.

  1. Know Your Worth

Re-evaluate what you deserve. If you’re with a partner who’s treating you disrespectfully, reflect and ask yourself why continue the relationship with them. If you’re working on a job that doesn’t make you feel good or proud of your works, ask yourself if this is truly what’s for you. Think a moment to reflect and think about what you really want in your life and make the necessary changes to achieve what you want and be the person what you want to be.

  1. Go On a Solo Trip

There is nothing like taking a solo trip to a new place to get to know yourself more. Treat yourself and take a time off to explore places you’ve never been before. It’s incredible to discover things you thought you cannot do on your own, experience new sights and tastes and just be in a serene place where you can get re-acquainted with yourself.

The best way to live a happy life and create healthy relationships is to build a strong connection with yourself first. Knowing yourself more and accepting the things you cannot change is the key to creating and maintaining your relationship with others.

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