How to Pick the Right Bra

If there is one piece of clothing that even fashion-conscious girls overlook, it’s their underwear. Worn out clasps and straps and ill-fitting cups are uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Here are tips on how to find the right bra next time you go shopping.

Inspect the Materials
Check the label for the materials used in the bra. Even if you’re on a tight budget,you should not compromise when it comes to quality. Materials that will last for years are a good fashion investment. Don’t go for styles that you cannot wear under different outfits. The laces and stitches might show through the shirt. Some fabrics can also irritate the skin, so watch out for those.

Know the Different Bra Types
There are eight breast types you should be aware of. These are thin, uneven, shallow, semi-supported, conical, splayed, settled, and self-supported. You should know which of the 6 bra types you should wear based on your breast type..

1. Plunge is ideal for thin, semi-supported, self-supported and settled breasts.
2. Wireless is for semi-supported, thin, self-supported, conical and splayed breasts.
3. Strapless is perfect for semi-supported, self-supported and conical breasts.
4. T-shirt bra can make semi-supported, uneven, and self-supported breasts look good.
5. Demi is for semi-supported and self-supported breasts.
6. Pushup bra can improve the appearance of all breast types.

Get Measured
Even if you have a fairly good idea what your cup size is, it can still change within months. Changes in weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and hormonal fluctuations can affect the size. Some lingerie shops in Singapore will help you keep up to date with your measurements. To get your correct size, the store assistant will measure your cup or bust size and band. The cup size is measured by loosely placing the measuring tape around the bust. The band is measured by placing the measuring tape around under your arms. The value is rounded off to the nearest even number. Then you subtract the band from the bust measurement. The difference between the band and bust will indicate the cup size.

Try it on Before Buying
Even if you’re updated with your measurements, always try the bra on before purchasing. Not all sizes are equal in different brands. Your breasts must not spill over the cup or the cups appear nearly empty. When trying on the bra, scoop each breast into the cup before fastening the clasps. That way you’ll know if they sit comfortably on the cups. The straps should not slide down your arms or dig into your skin. If you’re purchasing a bra with underwire, make sure the gore (found in the center) is not painfully digging into your ribs. It should easy for you to move and breathe without adjusting your bra all the time.

Replace Old Bras
Inspect your closet for underwear that needs to be replaced. Check the straps, clasps and cups for damage. Stop wearing bra that are too loose or too tight. They are unhealthy and can cause problems in posture later.