TV Locations You Can Visit in Real Life


You already know how iconic movie logos came about from the Paramount Pictures to Columbia Pictures, Pixar Animated Studios, Warner Bros, MGM, Walt Disney, DreamWorks and many more. It should not end there. If you are really a movie enthusiast, things will be more remarkable if you visited at least one real-life TV location.

If you are fully immersed in a show or movie, you have dreams of going to that one place and feel the grass beneath your feet or the breeze brushing against your cheek even the taste of the food. Start with these real-life TV locations from your favorite shows:

  • Greece: There is an appeal when you see Korean shows. The latest craze is Descendants of the Sun. The fictional nation of Uruk where you see Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon and Captain Yoo Si-Jin work together to improve the lives of the people around. The real-life location of Uruk is in Athens. The attractions in these places played a huge part in the development of the romance of the two people.

Most scenes of the drama are of a town in Athens called Delphi. The best part is that because of the popularity of the show, there are many tours that feature key locations that appeared in the drama. It promises two things – Greek history and Korean pop culture. What more can you ask?

  • Ireland: Another show that is watched by many is Game of Thrones. One cannot help but get hooked because of the characters, the plot and of course the settings. One setting is the Kingsroad which is considered the longest and the most dangerous highways. Its real-life location is Bregagh Road’s Dark Hedges in County Antrim nestled in Northern Ireland. The road looks gothic but it is peaceful.

  • England: If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, you should never miss seeing their real-life apartment location where everything started. Holmes’ and Dr. Watson’s iconic apartment is just above the Speedy’s Sandwich Bar and Café in 187 North Gower Street, London. What’s remarkable about this place is you can eat at the eatery plus you get to buy some souvenirs.


  • United States: Another popular TV show is United States’ The Walking Dead. Remember the rural town called Woodbury that fortified itself against “walkers” which is run by Governor? It is actually in Senoia, a town in Georgia, United States. Though it is a bit different without the steel gates surrounding it but once you walked down the Main Street, it will feel like you are at the center of the show.

What are you waiting for? It is time to go outside Singapore and complete the experience.

5 Airport Hacks to Make Flying Easier


When you’re someone who’s always on the go, airports become some kind of your second home. It just comes with territorial laws—and you must deal with it. Although airports may appear intimidating, however, they can be secure and comfortable places. With the right knowledge and set of tricks, you can make your next trip as painless as possible.


Here are five smart airport hacks that you can do on your next trip for a much easier travel experience.

  1. Pack your own snacks.

Airports are known for having mega-expensive price tags on everything, including food. Avoid spending a fortune on a sandwich and a bottle of water by packing your own snacks. Make your own chicken sandwich, pack mixed nuts or go for protein bars. In case of flight delays and long layovers, your tummy will thank you for bringing something to eat.

  1. Download your airline’s mobile application.

Nowadays, airlines have their own mobile apps. This allows them to update their passengers of the current situation real time. Get push notifications, check for upgrades and view your plane’s seat map by downloading your airline’s app. It just makes everything more convenient as it allows you to know what’s happening before it affects your trip.

  1. If you’ll be picked up, meet them at the departure area.

Always an effective trick: tell whoever is picking you up in your destination to meet you at the departure gate of the airport instead of the arrival area. It’s always less hectic up there. All you need to do is to run upstairs and see your buddies. Say goodbye to waiting and long lines of traffic.


  1. Stock up on necessities at duty-free stores.

Travelling overseas means getting access to duty-free stores. Take advantage of this opportunity for stocking up on your necessities—and buying souvenirs when you go home. The goods they sell in these stores are cheaper than other retail outlets as they are exempted from taxes and duties.

  1. Kindness is the key.

Being kind and courteous goes a long way at airports, and landing a free upgrade could just be a matter of saying thank you. Flash that big smile always. Remember to be kind and sweet to the flight attendants, as well as be respectful to your co-travellers. Apart from boosting your chance of getting an upgrade, it also is the right thing to do.

Following the mentioned hacks take very little effort, and will save you added headache as you embark on the trip you’ve long been waiting for.