4 Often Overlooked Household Items You Should Clean Right Now!

We regularly wash our clothes, the window curtains and blankets. But how about the thicker household items such as the mattresses and comforters, which can double in weight due to dust, allergens, molds and bacteria?

Don’t worry, though. There are commercial laundry services in Singapore to do the job for you. The following household items may be too tedious to wash, but you can always have them professionally cleaned by a laundry service in Singapore.


It’s easy to forget about cleaning the comforter, but know that it gets as dirty as table cloths, too. In some cases, you can wash your comforter by tossing it in the washing machine, but make sure to check the tag for washing instructions.

It would be worth having your comforter and bed spreads professionally cleaned by http://www.laundryfirst.sg/ in Singapore. Most household washing machines in Singapore are not large enough to wash a comforter. Besides, you wouldn’t want it to overflow or vibrate loudly when running a cycle. Moreover, drying large and thick items at home are quite tricky. It’s ideal to air dry a comforter, but no one has enough space to accommodate that.

If your comforter is made of wool or the colour is bleeding, do not attempt to wash it on your own at home. Bring it to a laundry service in Singapore and have it dry cleaned every time. Lengthen time in between washes by vacuuming it to remove dust.

Carpets and Rugs

Of course, carpets and rugs can be vacuumed, but stains happen occasionally. Instead of just covering the stains up by rearranging the furniture, minimize the look of the stain with shaving cream. Use a clean paintbrush or an old shaving brush to work the cream into the stained spot. Then, dampen a clean rag to wipe away the cream together with the stain.

When it’s time to have your carpet and rugs thoroughly cleaned, your best bet is to take it to a laundry service in Singapore. They will either have it washed or dry cleaned, depending on your preference, and they have the right cleaning agents to disinfect and get rid of the odour due to dirt and molds.


Fluffing it isn’t just to make it isn’t to make it look soft again; this removes dust and dirt and to keep the pillow clean and light. Depending on the material, some pillows can be gently cycled in the washing machine. Polyester and foam pillows are recommended to be hand washed, but never dry them with a dryer; hang them outside to dry.

If you’re unsure how to wash your pillows, you can always have them cleaned by the professionals. Ask your laundry service about how to thoroughly clean your pillows without ruining them.


Unfortunately, not all commercial laundry services accept mattresses for washing, but that does not mean you should not clean yours regularly.

Whether or not you’re planning on taking your mattress to a laundry service in Singapore, do some tiding up before deeply cleaning it. First, vacuum your mattress. This will remove lots of dirt and dust before washing it up. If there’s stain, spot clean it by working a damp cloth or sponge into the stained area. For odours, tone it down with odour sprays and scented disinfectant.

Once your mattress comes back clean, you can use a mattress pad to serve as a barrier between you and the mattress. Mattress pads protect the actual mattress, screening moisture and dirt from penetrating into the foam. It can easily be thrown into the washing machine or sent to a laundry service in Singapore when it’s time to wash it. But this doesn’t mean you will never have to clean your mattress again; it will only make your mattress easier to clean.

Fabrics You Can Laundry Wash

• Cottons. Usually, cotton items can be washed with water and detergent. However, you need to wash items in different colours separately, since colours in cotton garments tend to bleed. You won’t have problem with drying them though as cotton clothing are usually pre-shrunk, so they won’t change size after washing them.
• Synthetic Fabrics. Items made of nylon, polyester, acrylic, acetate and spandex are safe to laundry wash. However, they should be air dried as they can permanently wrinkle when dried out in a hot dryer.

Fabrics You Should Dry Clean

• Rayon. This material can be tricky to handle, because it is considered semi-synthetic. Hand washing rayon in mild detergent and cold water can be an option, but it’s generally safer to have it dry cleaned in a laundry service.
• Wool. It’s a sturdy fabric and must be dry cleaned as much as possible. If not possible, hand wash it in cold water, because it can shrink in hot or even warm water. When cared for the right way, this durable material can last a very long time.
• Silk. This is a natural and durable material. Known as a more luxurious fabric, it takes proper washing and drying to keep it soft and silky. The colour dyes in this material tend to bleed, thats why it’s advisable to have it dry cleaned. If you wish to wash it, always do so in cold water to preserve its colour.

If in any case, you’re unsure or just do not know how to wash some of your household items, you have the professionals to do the job for you. Before deciding to replace some of your dingy household items, try taking them to a laundry company in Singapore and ask if they can help you restore them.